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HayDos Hayvan Dostlari Dernegi (HayDos Animal Friends Association) is a non-profit organization registered in Turkey with a mission to provide all necessities, as much as possible, to all kinds of animals to maintain a healthy life, regardless of whether or not they are in dire need. HayDos also works on raising and spreading awareness about compassion toward animals as well as creating and managing educational projects on positive behavior toward animals.

The HayDos Animal Shelter (along with the Association) was founded and built from the ground up through incredible devotion and sacrifice by Turkan Dagdelen; a safe haven within nature for all abandoned and/or abused animals. Our four-pawed children cling on to life with their adopted mother Turkan’s extraordinary efforts and donations by the kind-hearted animal-lover friends of ours.

Our new online donation system is now live! Our furry kids need your support more than ever. Click here to visit our support page.

Turkan Dagdelen was born in 1965 in a small village of the district of Ortaca in the city of Mugla, Turkey. Taking care of her five siblings, she was never able to live her childhood; or youth for that matter. She probably was never a "kid". She endured various diseases, overcame mountains of obstacles, and fought through poverty during her childhood. The only games she knew were playing around with lamb and sheep, and listening to the beautiful sounds of the shepherd's pipe. At the age of six, it all went dark when she insisted on riding a donkey; the shock she went into rendered her bedridden for a whole week. She was the "gang-leader" of all the kids in the neighborhood. Her favorite pastime activities were stealing fruits from the neighbors' yards and climbing to the top of the tallest trees. These were worth all the punishments she received.

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